Over 100,000 Non Operational Vehicles Being Sent to Royal Purple Raceway After Hurricane Harvey

As it came and went, Hurricane Harvey left its fair share of damage and more. Even though the storm isn’t really widely being reported on anymore, it’s still important to remember that these people are still left to get the recovery and rebuilding of their lives rolling in order to try and find their way back to a place that’s similar to where they once were. That is most certainly a sentiment that’s a lot easier said than it is done as everything from homes to automobiles and just about everything in between has to be rebuilt but, with help from the rest of the country and even some businesses right there at home, the effort might go just a little bit smoother. Any bump in this road that’s avoided is certainly worthwhile.

With hundreds of thousands of vehicles immobilized from the storm as it hit hard with tons of water dumped, seemingly all at once, all of these machines had to go somewhere, right? They couldn’t be simply left to sit and rot in the streets, creating even more of a long-term cleanup. Therefore, Royal Purple Raceway down in Baytown, TX, would be on the case to do what they could to help out the effort. As trucks hauled in what would seem to be countless cars, the facility has already managed to find a way to stack up about 10,000 machines that will live there for a while. The raceway says that sooner or later, it could become the temporary home for as many as 100,000 cars!

It isn’t exactly clear what’s going to be done with all of the cars as of yet but Raceway Vice President and General Manager, Seth Angel, reports that the facility has 400 acres to share so they’re going to do all that they can to help. While the storm has caused the track to have to shut down for the rest of the year, the people behind the effort decided that they would allow the use of the facility alongside a $10,000 to aid in the relief efforts. With a situation as horrible as the aftermath of Harvey, it’s really good to see everyone coming together to help those in need. As a whole, we can really make a difference in the lives of people who got hit the hardest.