2000hp+ GT-R Grenades Rear, Makes Impressive Recovery


Heavily modified high-horsepower drag cars put a lot of abuse and strain on their parts. There’s so much energy going through many components that it’s not unusual for something to give up and call it quits. That’s what happened to the rear end on a Nissan GT-R packing a reported 2,000 horsepower under its hood. This particular Godzilla was lined up and ready to rock, the tree flashed green, the driver pressed the throttle, and…the rear end said good-bye to this cruel torquey world.

Some teams would call it a day after a catastrophic incident such as this. That clearly wasn’t the plan for the crew at Extreme Turbo Systems. The mechanics set to work on the car, and it was repaired and eventually sent back out to the strip.

Everything was bolted up nice and tight because the GT-R proceeded to rip off a run of 8.75 seconds with a trap speed of 177 mph. You can even hear the announcer state that the driver pulled the chute early, which means there’s plenty left on tap. In fact, a comment on the YouTube page for the video states that the ETS GT-R wound up posting a much faster 7.3-second pass with a trap speed of 196 mph.

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