Animation Hilariously Shows What Will Happen If Your Car Hits 100+ Speed Bumps On The HWY

What happens when you combine a crazy idea with a physics engine strong enough to really pull it off? Instead of solving the world’s problems, we’d do exactly what these guys have done and create a video game-like crash test scenario that tests out a whole bunch of cars against a row of speed bumps on the ground. The results are surprisingly accurate, or at least appear close enough to accurate to fool us. What you’re looking at below, at least as far as we can tell, is a game called BeamNG DRIVE – possibly pronounced Beaming Drive, but we aren’t even 100% sure on that – that allows you to pick from any number of cars and test them in a very lifelike simulated world. What YouTubers DestructionNation decided to do was lay down a series of 100 speed bumps, then hit the bumps at speed in several different simulated crash tests with a bunch of different cars. The results are nothing short of spectacular!

The very first ride to tackle the gauntlet of speed bumps is a massive concrete mixing truck. We’ll go ahead and spoil this one, since there are many others to follow. The truck makes it across the first two thirds of the bumps and seems to be en route to clearing the whole line until things go horribly wrong during the last 1/3rd. The stresses finally reach the point of obliterating the trucks’ frame, leaving it demolished between the last two bumps, little more than several piles of scrap metal.

Once you see the first one, you will want to stick around for the rest of the show, because take my word for it, they’re a lot of fun to watch. Go ahead and hit that play button below and watch the  unfold right before your very eyes. Tell us in the comments on Facebook which crash or crashes that you enjoyed the most!