Big Old 1952 Plymouth Wagon Packs A Blown LS Surprise And Is Faster That Than It Looks!

Although the Farm Truck is not the first ever sleeper it is certainly the most famous one in the world, but then again his fame kinda defeats the whole concept of a sleeper vehicle.
While we all know about that one there surely must be someone out there that has not heard of this one.
This is a 1952 Plymouth Suburban Wagon which apparently is not as derelict as it looks since this one is sporting a built LS3 engine coupled to a Built 4L80e transmission and in addition to that it has a big Magnuson blower strapped to the top of that LS3, now that is what we call a very very promising setup.
How promising well we are glad you asked, since this bad boy is pulling 10 second runs all day long and it crosses the finish line at amazing 130 miles per hour.
Check out the video and find out more about this great sleeper.