Biker Gets the Last Laugh and Best Revenge on Thoughtless Douche Who Cut Him Off

This biker was driving past a gas station when a tiny Hyundai i20 pulled out in front of him with no regard. In fact, the driver was so oblivious that he clearly forgotten that he left his wallet and iPhone on the roof of his car. The biker noticed the wallet fall off and decided to be a good person and return it to the thoughtless driver. When he sped up to show him the wallet, the driver flipped him off and threw a few choice words his way. That’s when the Hyundai finally realized why the biker was trying to get his attention so he pulled over. He realized he was acting like a complete ass to someone who held his wallet in his own hands and immediately changed his tune. However, the biker didn’t think that was enough to make up for the guy’s behavior so after tossing the wallet back in the car he grabbed the iPhone from the roof and casually dropped it on the ground right in front of the dirt bag!