Camaro Z/28 Messing With a Pontiac 455 GTO on the Street

This GTO may have the stance of a 4×4 pickup truck, but that torquey 455 Pontiac under the hood seems to have no problem moving the domestic iron on down the road.
The driver of the Pontiac jumps in the throttle as the video opens, then quickly slows as one of the passengers indicated the camera car was a police-option Camaro with a radar gun. However, you can see the relief on the driver’s face when he realized it’s actually friends of his pulling alongside in a regular Camaro with a camera, not a radar gun, so the two GM hotrods have a little more fun on the highway.
Once again the GTO shows it has a decided horsepower advantage, easily walking away from the Camaro, which was mostly stock with some bolt-ons. The video’s description says the Camaro ran a 13.1 second quarter mile, so it seems like this big Goat was easily a 12-second car.