Car Attempts to Race Undercover Cop in a Challenger

It’s hard to resist the temptation to challenge other cars on the road to a quick little comparison of acceleration when you run up on them at a stoplight. However, after seeing this video, you may way to try extra hard not to rev on just any car in the other lane, or it could end up costing you.
These guys thought the Dodge Challenger in the other lane might be down for a race when they stopped beside him at this redlight, so the driver jumped on the throttle as soon as the green light dropped. You can hear the car, which I believe is a Nissan 370Z, chattering the tires a bit as the driver dumps the clutch and takes off from the light. The passenger turns to watch the Challenger R/T fade into the distance, but as he begins to gloat a bit over the “win”, the driver makes the sickening realization that there are some tell-tale red and blue lights blinking in the windshield and headlights of the Dodge.
Just as the video ends, you can hear the driver mumbling an expletive under his breath while the passenger continues to record, capturing the moment of joy-turned-dejection for the world to see. This is a hard lesson to learn for some, who jump at any chance to race any car at any given time. I know because that was me at the age of 16 through, well, until now in fact. Luckily, I’ve personally had the misfortune to challenge a cop to a race, which is kind of a miracle actually, considering how many times I have done this.
In the comments on our YouTube channel, a commenter claiming to be the passenger himself chimed in and shared that this was very much legitimate and that the driver was issued a citation. However, take that with a grain of salt because we all know about YouTube commenters.