Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Drag Races Sleeper VW Golf GTI, Gets Trolled All the Way

Of course, the answer to such a question is unclear. It all depends on how much cash the owner of the Vee-Dub has injected into his compact. And, if you’re dealing with a GTI such as the one in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, the answer is a big, fat “no”.
The 580 hp Camaro ZL1 (we’re dealing with the fifth-gen model here) is a muscle monster that can play the quarter mile game in 12 seconds flat. And the driver of the example in this clip had gifted his Chevy with long headers, so, perhaps with the proper rubber, his supercharged V8 animal could play the 1,320 feet game in the high-11s league. Not that any of that would matter though – the Mk VII Golf GTI seen in this clip fully deserves the “heavily modified” label. It’s worth mentioning this build is the kind that won’t allow outsiders to estimate the monstrous speeding abilities of the hot hatch. In fact, the Golf driver was okay with popping the hood before the race and, as you’ll get to see in the video, the clues pointing towards the seriously massaged nature of the car are few. Since the Golf did stick to its front-wheel-drive nature and considering the fact that most street races feature a rolling start, this is the way the velocity brawl kicked off.

Now, some aficionados out there will inevitably blame the ZL1 driver’s rowing abilities (regardless of how the driver actually shifts). Nevertheless, you don’t need to be a motorsport expert to notice that the Golf gets a solid lead well before the Camaro driver even gets close to the gear shifter.