CHEVY NOVA POPS CRAZY TRIPLE WHEELIE In Hell Of A Ride Against Pontiac GTO At The Thunder Valley Raceway Park!


Murder Nova has been known to beat down some worthy competitors in the street, but this time he shows us just how he’s able to get it done on the track as well.

The competition in this one comes in the form of an old-school Pontiac GTO that looks like it’s ready to eat Murder Nova’s lunch, but we’re sure he wasn’t ready for what was going to happen next.

Watch as Murder Nova pulls the front wheels up not once or twice, but three times on the way down the drag strip on its way to the finish line.

That wasn’t where the action halted, though, as the Nova got loose on the big end and so did the GTO. This almost ended in an ugly wreck, but somehow both cars are going home healthy. Check out this one for yourself in the video below!