Chevy Truck Gets Wrecked During Tug Of War With Ford

A tug of war challenge between trucks is nothing more than a display of raw power and resistance, but it’s enough to keep us entertained.

Even so, this particular exercise of grunt and growl was brief, ending without much drama but with a nasty result for one of the competitors.

To be more precise, the white Chevrolet C/K emerged a little wrinkled from the confrontation against the Ford, bending its tie rod like a banana, as the commentator said.

Not surprising with an over-powered vehicle, which has too much added weights on the front and a factory tire rod that’s tied to another over-powered vehicle ready to tear the asphalt under its tires.

It’s not a complete mashup of things (snapped axles and whatnot), yet it will give Ford and Chevy fans something to, well, fight over.

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