Crazy Texas Road Rage Incident Has It All, From Punching A Woman To Purposely Crashing Car!

Everything’s bigger in Texas – even road rage incidents. This one happened at a busy intersection near Houston when a brawl erupted between three men and a woman.

Facebook user David Dao and his daughter Nina Mai caught the fight on a cell phone camera (vertical video warning). “Nina Mai and I witness road rage first hand,” said Dao in a posting on Saturday morning. “This was off Hwy 6 near 290 about an hour ago.”

Dao told reporters that “the truck wouldn’t let the white car over to turn. When the white car proceeded forward, just a few inches, that aggravated the truck driver because he thought, ‘Oh no you’re not. You’re not going in front of me’.”

In the video, the woman got into a verbal argument with the male passenger and driver, while the man in the truck appeared to be trying to break things up. Even though it looked like the episode was over, the situation rapidly escalated into a brawl. “The truck then sped up nearly hitting the woman who was his passenger. She then walked back to the white car and the passenger threw a drink at her and then,” said Dao.

The pickup truck driver returned and kicked the white Hyundai Genesis sedan. “I couldn’t believe it. As soon as he kicked the grille, I was like, ‘This is going down now,'” Dao said. “I was thinking this is going to be bad. At that time, I knew because there’s physical damage now.”

The infuriated Hyundai driver and passenger then attacked the man, with the woman screaming and trying to break up the fight, but she ended being punched as well. Far from over, the truck driver reversed and crashed into the Genesis before taking off. The Hyundai apparently went after them, but we don’t see what happened next. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office told reporters that they have not been notified about the incident.