Dad Uses Corvette Z06 to Pull Son’s Baby Tooth


For many of us, having our lose teeth pulled back in the day seems like the biggest challenge we had encountered until that age.

Nevertheless, certain parents know how to ease out the pain turn to another side of the event’s memorable side. Let’s take the father in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, for instance.

With his son having reached the age when baby teeth become loose, the man decided to skip the whole tooth fairy part and use a more masculine approach that could teach the little one about the benefits of being brave.

The man used his Corvette Z06 to pull out the troublesome tooth and it all works brilliantly. Sure, the little one does seem a bit scared at first, but he seems to overcome the emotion just fine.

This is a C6-generation Z06, which means we’re dealing with a case of “no replacement for displacement” – to be more precise, the engine compartment is occupied by a 7.0-liter LS7. And while we’re talking teeth, perhaps it’s time to remind you that the Z06 beats the humans at this game, with its 14-inch flywheel being gifted with 168 teeth. For the fun of it, you can compare that to the average human adult’s 32 teeth.

Like so many Z06s out there, this one seems to have been given a custom cam treatment. One of the results is that the idle soundtrack of the LS7 instantly makes one think of a racecar – the kid doesn’t seem to be too bothered about such details, but, given the situation, we fully understand his lack of attention.

Hopefully, the father can continue leading his son on the quality family time path. And since the kid seems old enough to be able to drive on the track, that could make a sweet bonus for the child’s willingness to turn his tooth-pulling job into an Instagram piece.