Did That Donk Really Just Beat a Built Corvette?

We’ve really started seeing a lot more of these videos popping up, and we aren’t even mad about it! Once relegated to cruising the boulevard as more of a head-turner and conversation piece, “Donks” have actually made a legit transition to sleeper status on the drag strip. Before we go any farther, if anybody out there doesn’t know what a donk is, that’s any big-body style cruiser than has been fitted with huge wheels like the Impala we see in this clip below. While the wheels are the most obvious mod, most of these cars also have massive stereo systems, full interiors, and gorgeous paint, so they’re hardly lightweight hotrods.
More and more, though, we’ve seen these rides built with horsepower under the hood that motivates them to move surprisingly quickly on the track. From turbo LS swaps to nitrous big blocks, these cars rely on all kinds of combinations to get them moving, and when everything comes together, they will definitely sneak up and surprise some of the quicker cars at the track. If you need visual proof, just check out this video below from our buddy JMalcom2004, who caught this big donk whipping up on a pretty healthy sounding C6 at Palm Beach International Raceway.
You can see the massive purge from the nitrous system when the car is rolling into the staging beams, giving the competition a heads up that this big body ride isn’t to be taken lightly. It looks like the Vette lays down a solid run too, but as you can see, the win light comes on in the Impala’s lane. Once upon a time it would have been embarrassing to lose to one of this high-riding hotrods, but it seems to happen more and more often these days and we hope to see the trend continue! There’s nothing like watching those big wheels hook and these big rides rocket down the track!