Easy way to remove an old fence post

The only thing more time consuming than installing a new fence is removing an old one. Getting the old posts out of the ground can be a real pain without some old farm tricks like this one. With nothing more than a few feet of chain and an old tire your ground will be post-free in seconds. The creator of this YouTube video did have a few extra tips he included in the YouTube description,
1. Probably would be a good idea to lay a piece of carpet or tarp over the chain. However, there was rarely much force that needed to be applied. Any time there was, I backed away from the post. I did not install these posts. I just needed to remove them.
2. We shouldn’t have used the tow ball to pull from. Again, never came close to the tow capacity of the ball, but probably still should have avoided it.
3. For those of you that cannot get a truck close to your work area, I guess you will have to find a different method.