Fallen Police Officer’s Son Tries To Buy His Dads Car Back At Auction

Sometimes, if you look at a situation, you can’t help but soak in all of the factors and feel bad for somebody. Yes, we understand that life has its ups and downs, no matter who you are, but sometimes, life just so seems to hit incredibly hard. For this young man, it seemed as if he was having a rather difficult time with life as he was dealing with quite the harsh set of circumstances that would dictate that things wouldn’t go is exactly as he planned. When his father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty, there was very little that Tanner Brownley would have to hold on to his dad, outside of a leather motorcycle jacket which didn’t exactly fit.

In the scheme of things, aside from this jacket, all that he would have would be the memories that he has managed to put together with his father. However, when his father’s squad car came up on the auction, he would head to this auction with just a couple thousand dollars to try and bid on the car, however, when the auction would skyrocket for whatever reason, Tanner would watch his bidding limit come and go as he simply didn’t have enough cash to get his hands on the car. Then, one incredibly heartwarming plot twist would come into play.

Eventually, the bid wood rack its way up to $60,000, however, that wouldn’t stop a complete stranger from purchasing the car to brighten up this young man’s life. Without hesitation, after the bid was done climbing, the man would hand over the keys, giving the young man the vehicle that he thought the kid rightfully deserved. Sure, it might look like people these days are all out for themselves, however, if you open your eyes just a little bit, you might find some heartwarming stories that show that people are really looking out for one another out there and can be incredibly compassionate if you just give them a chance.