First-Gen Chevy Camaro With Locomotive Blower Is Actually Real


We won’t deny that photos of a first-gen Chevrolet Camaro with a massive locomotive blower strapped to its engine piqued our interest. Of course, we were definitely skeptical, since a Camaro with a blower so big that it blows head gaskets from a mere throttle blip sounds somewhat like a Hollywood gimmick. But Urban Hill Billy Videos (UHBV) caught up with the owner of the red Camaro, Mikey ‘Pup’ — giving us a close look at the creation that perhaps is best described as Frankenstein-like.
In fact, Pup and his blown Camaro are features on the UHBV Carnage Fest Vol. 1 DVD filmed back in 2006. At the time, the Camaro had a more conventional supercharger poking out from the engine bay and unfortunately ended up on its side after a wheelie bar failed during a launch.
Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show footage of the Camaro running with the locomotive blower, but UHBV says it plans on getting that footage next time they’re in the area. Until then, feel free to discuss the vehicle in question in the comment section below.