Full Breakdown Of The All New Murder Nova – Street Outlaws!

You would think that, as the Street Outlaws have managed to gather so much notoriety, that they would automatically have the fastest cars that money can buy. While they do have stout machines that are probably pretty tough to step up to the plate next to, each and every person in the world of racing is constantly looking for that edge to get better. Therefore, when a competition begins to go in the right direction, you definitely have to follow, therefore, each and every one of these competitors is constantly making changes to the ride to try and get just a little bit faster than before.
This time, we check in with Murder Nova as the car is certainly no exception to that idea. As it turns out, Shawn has actually made a couple of big changes to the car, including going from a big block Chevy to a small block Chevy that would allow for more RPM and more efficient turbo spool with the help of the 482 ci Proline engine. Therefore, Murder Nova should now be making more consistent power across the power band and possibly higher peak horsepower which would help the car to blast down the racing surface in question a little bit more efficiently come race night.
In addition, you can now expect to see the old school Chevrolet Nova coming out of the gates with 600 less pounds around its waist. In a world where every last ounce means something for those photo-finish opportunities, shaving 600 pounds is no small feat. You have to remember that these guys are getting weight off of their car in every way possible so it’s pretty tough to find that much just laying around somewhere. If you follow along down in the video below, you get a little bit more insight on what exactly you can expect from the Murder Nova and how Shawn is always changing of the game plan to make his ride the best that he possibly can.