Girlfriend’s Reaction To Boyfriends Boosted Truck

Reaction videos are some of our favorites here at Speed Society. You just never know what you’re going to get. We’ve seen people completely underwhelmed by totally intense rides, and we’ve seen people act as if the world is ending during a ride in a basically stock car. The reactions span the gamut, but almost always make for a pretty entertaining video.
While we haven’t seen too many diesel truck reaction clips, we ran across this one and it’s actually pretty good, so we thought we’d share it with you guys. YouTuber aguyfromalabama headed to the drag strip in his Duramax Chevy that’s been cranked all the way up and decided to take his girlfriend for a ride down the 1,320 to see what she thought about his hopped-up hauler. It seems at first glance that out lovely passenger isn’t all that impressed, but after the truck clears the speed traps on the top end, it becomes obvious that she was more or less at a loss for words while the torquey diesel had her pinned to the seat.
As the truck slows, our passenger is finally able to blurt out that the pass actually made her a little dizzy and she gets a little giddy about the run, giggling like a school girl after traversing the quarter mile. While it’s not the most over-the-top reaction, she’s certainly entertaining to watch as she catches her breath and regains her composure.
We don’t know much about a guy from Alabama’s truck, but looking through the other videos on his channel, it looks like the truck is a pretty well-built Duramax that may have been recently overhauled, considering there’s a video from a few months back of a Duramax with a broken crank. Hopefully this go round doesn’t end with a broken engine and he’s able to enjoy his truck for many years before something like that happens again.