How The Hell Is This 20-Foot Truck Faster Than A Bugatti Veyron?


Damn son, where’d you find this?
Imagine Dominic Toretto’s face if he got walked by this sub 10-second mid-engined twin-turbo beast. This 580-cubic inch Big Block Chevy runs 22 pounds of boost and is easily capable of putting down upwards of 1,500 horsepower at the rear wheels. The 82mm Borg-Warner S400SX3 turbos make sure of that. At 20-feet long, this truck is sure to turn more than a few heads, and with trailer and parachute attached maybe snap a few necks too. Unfortunately for us all we won’t see more of this truck for some time as it was totaled in a rollover.
We can only hope that (owner) Nick will fire this beast back up and make Dominic Toretto reconsider driving through buildings.