Here’s the fastest way to defrost your windshield in the winter

If you’ve ever woke up late for work, then you know there aren’t many things worse, than walking outside to a frozen windshield.
It’s often debated as to what’s the best option to defrost the windshield the fastest, using the various settings of the vehicle’s heat and defrost. Do you use hot air or cold? Do you turn it on full-blast and/or recirculate the air? Who knows!
Fortunately for us, YouTuber Mark Rober did all the scientific stuff and took the guess work out of the equation.
After a number of experiments, in consistent conditions, it was determined there are a group of settings that will cut the defrost time in half.
He’s laid it out in a simple, four-step process, if you check the video out around the 3:30 mark.
Step 1: Turn the heater on full-blast because hot air can hold more moisture.
Step 2: Turn your A/C on because it pulls moisture out of the air as it passes over the cold coils.
Step 3: Make sure inside air circulation is turned off
Step 4: Crack your windows briefly, if at all possible. This allows the humid air in the car to be replaced by dryer air outside.
If you follow these four simple steps, you too can make defrosting your vehicle less of a hassle.