These Are The Highest Speeding Tickets In Texas… 181 in a 75?

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and it looks like the top speeds for speeding tickets is included in that adage. This list of the four highest-MPH speeding tickets issued in the state illustrates just how crazy Texans are when it comes to rolling out on the big end.
It would be great if we had some context for these citations, or at least knew what kind of cars they were, but I can understand Texas authorities not wanting to post that information to keep people with similar rides from trying to outdo these speeds. Lord knows there are some guys just reckless enough to see these numbers and think of them more as a challenge than a slide on the evening news. The last thing we need is guys out here trying to crack the double-century mark on the highway just to get on the news, right?
The video below was also taken in Texas and shows how quickly things can go wrong when you decide to make an impromptu top end run. This ticket would be among the top four for 2017 if it were taken this year, but it’s from 2012, showing that these types of shenanigans have been going on for at least a few years now. The guy in the video was just testing out his new GTR and decided to do a quick top end run, only to have his radar detector alert just as he blasted past 140 MPH. I have to assume he told the officer its a new ride and he was just excited to run through the gears and got a little overzealous.
I don’t know if Texas has the same laws as we do here in Alabama, but the officer certainly could have gone farther than issuing a citation for those speeds, so I’d say the guy in the video, as well as the four on the list, got off easy if all they got was a citation. We want to hear from you guys, what’s the “highest” ticket you ever received? Hit us up in the comments, and you get bonus points if you have photo evidence of the ticket!