Honda Pilot Driver Brake-Checks Subaru, Causes Crash!


If you thought that tailgating is an efficient move to get other drivers out of your way, you best be prepared for when they do something that’s probably even worse: brake-checking.

It’s never a good idea to do any of these things – tailgating or brake-checking. You could argue that the second one is a lot more dangerous and that the best way to avoid any type of conflict when somebody’s right behind you, is to move out of the way.

The driver of this previous-generation Honda Pilot apparently had no intention in vacating the fast lane when a Subaru Legacy GT Wagon came up behind him. According to the Subaru’s owner, his car was a 2005 model without any traction or stability control.

Whoever was behind the wheel of that Honda, brake checked the Legacy twice. The first time (47 seconds) around the driver managed to avoid crashing into the back of the SUV, however, the second time he must have thought it wasn’t going to happen again because it looks like he was completely unprepared for it.

What happened basically was a sort of combination of a failed Moose test and bad or uninspired driving. The Legacy lost control in all of its Symmetrical AWD glory and the crash looked pretty bad.

Unfortunately the owner of the car didn’t share any more info, other than to simply state that the brake checking caused him to lose control of his car.

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