Hovercraft DeLorean! Driven Like a BOSS!

This guy has one sweet DeLorean… Travels on water, land and through time! What’s better than this?


We’ve never seen anything like this! It’s a one of a kind, garage built, DMC DeLorean hovercraft, and it’s in every way shape and form, awesome! What’s even more awesome is its owner/driver who isn’t afraid to hoon the dang thing! He flys through the water, hits the beach, rips a 360 and keeps going. This dude is a boss! Imagine the looks you’d get in that thing just cruising through random water ways or on beaches. If only we all drove hover crafts. We know we would have too much fun with one of those things! Using a DeLorean for a project like this is just perfect too! What an awesome build.