Illegally Moving A Legally Parked Car With A Fork Lift Is Not Cool


WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — Construction workers moved a legally parked car with a forklift and it was all caught on tape by a neighbor who was on the block at the time.

“I was shocked and I thought this is yet another thing the developers have done. Just taking over the neighborhood,” the car’s owner Susan Pellegrino said.

Pellegrino and Tom Nahrwold live around the corner from where the incident happened. They purchased the 2004 Infinity SUV only days before for $9,000. Nahrwold said he parked the car on South 3rd Street at 6a.m. on April 22. When his son went to get the car hours later, it was moved and up on the sidewalk. He noticed the damage to the bumper later in the day.

“And he said it had to be have been the forklift guy. Well, we didn’t know until we walked down South 3rd Street the next day and ran into someone who had this footage,” Pellegrino said.

The video showed a forklift holding the vehicle off the ground. Armed with the video, the family reached out to Two Trees Management, the company responsible for the development of the Domino Sugar Factory site. The construction on South 3rd Street is part of the $1.5 billion project.

Nahrwold said he reached out to his contact at Two Trees Management and sent the footage.

“They’re intention is to take care of it,” he said.

A spokesperson at Two Trees Management told PIX11 News:

“We pride ourselves on being good neighbors and have reprimanded our subcontractor for this unacceptable behavior. We have been assured that the subcontractor will fully pay for any damages.”

Nahrwold said there is bumper and undercarriage damage. He said it will cost at least $2,600 to fix it.

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