INSANE Street Race Papas Talon Vs 417 SBC 69 Nova, 01 Bullitt Vs 99 Camaro!

Take a look at this insane street race papas Talon vs ’69 Nova and 01 Bullit vs 99 Camaro!
Street racing is illegal and dangerous, and we have told you this a million times! You should never race on the streets and you should always measure the vehicle’s performance at the track with all the safety that the track provides.
That said, we thought since these guys did it, we might as well show you the great video that they have made since it would be a shame to go to waste. The vehicles that are featured here are the Papas Talon vs 417 SBC 69 Nova as well as the 01 Bullitt vs 99 Camaro, and none of them are slouches, we might not have official numbers for them but these cars are apparently heavily tuned and very, very fast.

Check out the video and enjoy some nice racing, and turn up the speakers, because that Nova sounds amazing and you don’t wanna miss that scream of the engine.