Oh, Jesse. When it comes to personalities in television who are known for being nothing short of the most explosive hotheads in the game, you can look at Jesse James as one of those figures who has been known to have quite a short fuse. He has bounced around from show to show, bringing his talents to all sorts of different venues, trying to launch a production to entertain his fans. However, as it turns out, Jesse isn’t exactly the type for what he calls, “Fake, phony, staged, scripted BS.” He certainly didn’t beat around the bush there, did he?
James hasn’t been known as one to mince words and he has really made it clear exactly what reputation he wants to put out there, well, kind of. Fans argue back and forth over his motives and the themes throughout his career that he has tried to put at the forefront, but the end of it all, it just so happens that Jesse James happens to be one of the most controversial figures to ever be on television as he has been tied up with countless shows, network drama, and even his own drama off of the screen which has really made the world’s head spin.
Follow along down the video below as he takes some parting shots at the network when his TV show, Outlaw Garage, got axed. Whether or not James honestly was standing up for his fans here or is just kicking and screaming as the network decided that they didn’t want him anymore is really something that’s going to have to be left up to the individual to decide. The clear fact of the matter here is that after his departure from Discovery, he definitely is not going down quietly whatsoever. I don’t think that we would expect anything different from him, either. This is most certainly the version of James that has drawn the viewers over the years.