Ladies And Gentlemen We Have Found The Perfect Zombie Apocalypse Truck!

For anyone who has seen a zombie apocalypse movie, there’s a good chance that you have fantasized about what a real-life zombie apocalypse would actually look like. If you haven’t, just take a moment to look around you right now and picture what it would look like if zombies all of a sudden decided to take over your surroundings. Do you think that you would be ready? Is your living space sturdy to a point where it could take on the walking dead? Is your vehicle good enough to get around and plow through whatever brain eater is coming at you?
This time, we check out the military vehicle that is known as the MAZ 543. This thing is probably about as big and bad as you could possibly get and definitely is desirable on several of the axises of vehicles that would be good to be behind the wheel of should a zombie apocalypse actually unfold and leave you wondering which way to look and where to start preparing yourself to go on the defense. I can guarantee you that this 38.9L diesel tank engine behind this thing would be plenty of grunt to get through whatever obstacles lay in your path. However, you might up think twice about how efficient something like this could be on fuel. Knocking a couple of buildings over would probably be no problem, though.
If you want to see exactly what a monster incarnated on a set of wheels looks like, feel free to follow along down below as this military 8×8 artillery truck is fired up and finds itself on the move. If big and bad is your thing then look no further because this one is about as big and bad as they can possibly get. After checking out this machine for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the setup and how comfortable you’d feel wheeling something like this around should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation of being involved in a zombie apocalypse.