Left For Dead In A The Field of (Broken) Dreams

What drives people to buy a classic car then store it outside in the elements for decades telling themselves “I’m going to restore it one day?” Writing about these situations are always bittersweet(mostly bitter) because for everyone that gets found and fully restored to greatness, there are hundreds more still sitting in the frost of middle America rusting away day by day. I’ve always felt that there must be a screw loose with the people who let the neglect happen. A hoarder mentality I reckon.

I wouldn’t leave my most prized possessions outside for a day much less a decade and my stuff Isn’t worth squat compared to a 1969 Shelby Mustang!This gallery allows us to dream…to “what if.” What if I found one of these cars and could get it for a song. What could I do with it? Could I bring it back from the dead and make a couple thousand? a couple hundred thousand? Take a look and daydream for a minute and ask yourself what would you do with one of these classics.



1970 Mach 1 Twister


22Talk about a stroke of luck! The guy who found this gem was talking about cars one day when he was overheard by a woman in a local coffee shop. She said she wanted to sell her late husbands car that he had owned since high school. The guy told the woman he would like to see it, and this is what he walked away with. A near mint 197o Mach 1 twister that had been sitting in a garage for 20 years untouched.

1969 Mustang


One of three Mach 1’s that were sitting on a mans farm in Omaha Nebraska, uncovered for 30 years. Another classic case of “I’m going to restore them some day.” Such a terrible waste. Luckily the man who found them struck a deal with the owner and purchased all three and is currently restoring them. Only two were salvageable and the third was used for parts.

1967 Camaro


The guy who found this dream car lived a few doors down from a neighbor he had never seen in 13 years of living on the block. He got a tip that there was a 67′ Camaro and that it was for sale. He walked down, knocked on the door and soon was looking at his new car. These are images from the day he pulled it out of the barn.



1970 Chevelle SS


When you see a post in the paper that says, “1970 Chevelle SS convertible for sale…one owner,” you get your butt down there to take a look! After this car was found he was told by the original owner that it was put on blocks in 1978 and there is sat until 2011. After the fluids were changed it started right up.

1966 Pontiac Bonneville

6Cars stacked on top of each other…there was no way this farmer was ever going to restore any of these cars. Regardless of the damage, many of these types have been brought back and sold at auction for huge dollars as see HERE


1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

7The 1969 GTO Judge was a looker back in its day. This one here was one of just 6,833 ever produced.It’s also one of the most sought after collector cars in the world. The guy who found it restored it and sold it HERE


A Flock of 1970 Superbirds

9While I know this car doesn’t fit everyone’s tastes, it doesn’t mean it’s not a well sought after vehicle. Some recently auctioned off for some big dollars like this one HERE for $400,000.

10To see these birds left in such a condition is a crying shame, especially when you see them sold at auction like this one HERE that’s up for grabs at $250,000. If you had the time and some money, finding ne of these classics could make your life much easier.


Dodge Daytona

12Found in Alabama by Charlie from Charlie’s Classic Cars in Irvington, AL. This rare Daytona is one of only 503 Dodge Daytona Chargers and its ALL original, minus the added flame paint job, which was done in 1972 by the previous owner. It was selling HERE


Old Split Window 63′ Corvette collecting rust

12Seeing a car of this importance sitting in a field of mud and wetness can break your heart. Does the owner even know what he has sitting there? If he knew he could get up to $250,000 for a mint one? Even beaters sell for over $50,000 these days.

Abandoned Shelby

13Who in their right mind would leave a shelby in a scrap yard?! Even the most trashed Shelby is worth finding and restoring. Watch the video below and see how a man found an old Shelby in a barn and sold it as-is for a lot of money.

Dodge Challenger

Lost in a field forgotten by all. Every now and again one of these ends up in the local paper and some young eager resto-head will search it out hoping to find a jewel. Some make it back from death but many need so much work that they are left to rot.

The saddest Camaro and Trans AM ever

15Sitting in a field in Japan of all places, these two American classic sit rusting away, day by day. To see these cars is a crying shame. Here is the actual video of the man who found this graveyard and explains what he saw as he walked through the field of broken dreams.

Countless classics sit rusting

16In the “fly-over” states of middle America, there are vast fields filled with old junk cars. They sit for parts but every once and awhile, a person finds a holy grail sitting in the elements.