Make Sure To Never Spray Your Car With Nitrous This Way


So far we have seen so many mind-blowing things on the internet, but on the other hand we have seen not so smart things being done. Here is one example of what you shouldn`t do when it comes to the engine of your car.

If your mind is set on making your Cobalt SS faster than there are couple of thing that you can do. There are few tricks that can be done to your engine in order to get a faster car, but if you want some special power than you have to build your own engine. That will be the smart thing to do. Or, on the other hand, you can always do the thing that is done in this video, or to be more precise you can spray nitrous directly on your engine. Unfortunately you won`t like the final outcome. There are great chances that your engine will end up the same way as it did on this video- destroyed.

If you want to see the details about how everything was done and what are the things you shouldn`t do than go ahead and check the video.

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