This Modified 1000HP Ford GT’s Acceleration Is Otherworldly!

When it comes to American-made supercars, Ford GT stands alone at the very top. This legendary supercar changed the history forever, and nowadays, it’s deservingly considered a true supercar icon. However, even these cars always leave a lot of room for improvement. While purists might think that it’s wrong to upgrade these beauties, strictly looking from a performance standpoint, it would be very difficult to argue with that decision. The one you’re about to check out has been modified by a famous German tuner brand Geigercars, and they did a phenomenal job as always. After a lot of work, this beast now pumps out over 1,000 horsepower to the wheels, and it’s absolutely insane. The biggest difference is noticeable in the acceleration figures, as this machine grips to tarmac from the start like a caged animal.

Unfortunately, the weather conditions weren’t ideal on the day of the shooting, and thus, the driver had to be extra careful. Still, the accelerations you’re about to see are guaranteed to knock your socks off! What a brilliant vehicle!