A Monte Carlo Literally Blows Its Wheels Off At The Track

With the majority of the cars that you see racing down the drag strip, often times, you’ll see cars with small wheels that are fitted with lots of rubber. This is because, with more rubber, side wall flex allows the car to gather more traction and take away some of the shock that you get with a harder tire. In turn, the removal of that shock helps to illiminate some of the wear and tear that gets put on your driveline components. This is why you don’t normally see bigger wheels on the faster cars. Basically, it’s because they want to maximize their abilities out there on the track and it all starts with the wheel and tire combination.
This time, we check out what’s pretty much a worst-case scenario for those choose to use big wheels on their rides. In this one, we watch as a Chevrolet Monte Carlo gets ready to go to war with some oversized wheels and, as he launches off of the starting line, he quickly regretted the decision for his wheel selection. It’s hard to watch as the car continues to move forward while the wheels stay put, breaking something important and sending the car flying into the air while the wheels continue on rolling down the track after separating from the car.
This one has made its way around the internet and we’re sure that it will get millions of more views so be sure to check it out down in the video below to see it for yourself. I wonder if this is enough to make driver of this car reconsider his wheel and tire setup the next time the heads out the track. Hopefully, it isn’t too much for this guy to get his car back together because you really have to feel for somebody after they go through a situation like that with their ride.