NHRA Funny Car driver Jack Beckman Walks away from HUGE engine explosion!

jack-beckman-nhra-crash (1)

Jack Beckman’s Infinite Hero Dodge Charger exploded and shreded the composite shell at the eighth-mile mark during the third qualifying session at the 2016 NHRA New England Nationals at New England Dragway. Beckman kept the car straight in his lane. Only the nose of the body remains attached to the car. The manifold and the case of the supercharger are split apart.

While making a run against John Hale, Beckman’s Infinite Hero foundation Dodge exploded with a level of destructive force New England Dragway had never seen before. Funny cars and dragsters explode, it happens, but they don’t usually detonate with the ferocity that this one did.

As you will see in the video, the explosion was so great the actual blower case was blown apart (admittedly something we have never seen in a modern blower with a billet case). That gives you an idea of just how much of a bomb this was.


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