The One and Only 1960 Peterbilt Hot Rod Truck “Piss’d Off Pete”


Piss’d off Pete was built from a 1960 Peterbilt semi-truck model 351. The top was chopped and the cab was re-skinned with new aluminum. The engine is a Detroit diesel 12v71 approx. 1972 vintage. Each cylinder is 71 and has two superchargers on this two cycle diesel motor. The Detroit diesel makes 1200ft. lbs. of torque and 474 hp. at 2150 rpm.

With an unforgiving attitude and dangerously loud (in its flat-out scream, it hits around 140 decibels), the name Piss’d Off Pete is totally appropriate for this classic! Ironically, it was sold to a very happy (and smiling) private collector.

Grubb hit celebrity hot rod status when he sold an earlier creation, The Blastolene Special, to car collector and talk show host Jay Leno. That car was powered by aM47 Patton tank engine. Leno had to see Piss’d Off Pete and he and Grubb went for a spin in it around Burbank, California, for a television episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

The car took 3,ooo hours to build over a span of t5 months. Some of Pete’s special features are: a 6o mph speedometer, airplane-like riveted doors, aluminum bomber seats with tooled western leather work, nickel-plated fabricated boat tail 35-gallon gas tank (inspired by the 1930′s Auburns and Duesenbergs), and the perfectly-suited oval swan neck side view mirrors and ’38 rear view mirror from Bob Drake (which Grubb said complement the oval theme of the gas tank and rear window).

Asked by Leno about the mileage, Grubb said, “We’d rather measure it in smiles per gallon.”

Original Truck Make: 1960 Peterbilt Model 351
Engine: 852 cubic inch 12V71 Detroit Diesel
Fuel Intake: Two in-line 6-71 Superchargers
Transmission: Allison 740D Automatic 4-speed
Rear End: Rockwell with 2.70 gears
Front Suspension: transverse
Rear Suspension: quarter elliptical
Brakes: Disc with hydro boost
Tires: Front: 700-20 BFGoodrich; Rear 445 / 50-R22.5 Michelin
Side View Mirrors: HR-18402/3 Bob Drake Swan Neck
Rear View Mirror: HR-78-1 7690 Bob Drake ’37-39 Ford
Torque: 1,000 foot-pounds / Weight: 7,800 lbs

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