Owner Saves His Home From Flood With Aqua Dam

We have all seen those people who prepare for the absolute worst. They will spend lots of money and time preparing for a day that might never come but in this situation, we check out a scenario where that day did come and this investment that might’ve seemed like throwing away money on an online company that would never deliver on their promises, paid off in a big way! With a creation known as the “Aqua Dam,” this Houston homeowner was able to avoid any ill effects that Hurricane Harvey might have brought when it comes to the massive amount of water that it dumped on this home in the city. Sure, something like this might not be designed to deflect all the water as rain gets dumped on top of the property and it most certainly isn’t a defense against wind, either, that could knock over trees, however, when it comes to the flooded streets, this temporary structure is designed to keep out all the water, acting as a sort of reverse swimming pool to keep the liquid on the outside and the dryness on the inside. It might have cost the owner over $8000 but he says that that is certainly was not a big price to pay at all when you consider all the money that he could’ve lost given that the flood could’ve done over a hundred thousand dollars in damage to the house, if not more.

Check out the video below that shows off this creation that’s known as the Aqua Dam that saved this man a lot of headaches. Sometimes, it can all come down to the preparation that could make the difference in a dangerous situation. Is this something to pay attention to for others who might have a major storm coming their way? I guess that will be up for the individual to decide. After checking out the video below, tell us what you think of this neat little invention that saved this man big-time.