Pickup Driver PITs Himself, Dances Around the Highway for 13 Seconds Afterward


Police officers go to school, they do some serious training and, when that’s done, they practice quite a lot until they become masters of the PIT maneuver. And then this guy shows up and gets it done perfectly on the first try.

Only he seems to have understood things a bit backwards. Instead of pushing the back of a vehicle out and force it to come to an abrupt halt, he slams his rear-right side into the corner of a semi truck by cutting it off. There are no obvious explanations for why he did that since the most logical ones are contradicted by what can be seen in the video. There was no car coming up behind him that he needed to make way for, and there was no exit approaching on the right that he might have wanted to take. So why did he do that?

Well, it would seem it was either a case of bad driving or an attempt at extorting the semi driver for some cash by threatening to blame it on him. Since this is Russia, both options seem valid, but we tend to go with the latter. For one thing, there’s the clear intention of denying culpability from the pickup driver as he gets out of the car. You can see he’s smiling as he’s talking to the guy in the semi, but his smile quickly wears off when he’s shown the dashcam. Oops.

Second, there’s that white Opel Corsa that stops even though it was totally uninvited. That might have been the car containing “the witness” who would have testified that what the blue pickup driver said was the truth. On the other hand, pulling a move like that on a busy highway soaked in rain takes more balls than brains. Besides, it’s easier and safer to get in front of a semi and just brake – you’ll get a nudge forward, but you won’t be scampering all over the place for 13 seconds like he did here. Hmm, hard to tell what went through his head.

It’s just as difficult to imagine he didn’t think the truck would have a dashcam. We don’t live in Russia, and yet we know that more than half the people there use them, not to mention professional drivers who are the preferred targets for this type of scammers, as they rely on their driver’s license for making a living. Whichever it is, one thing is clear: he tried to blame it on the dashcam car, and that alone makes him a douchebag. But we quickly get revenge when we see his face as he notices the camera. Smile, you’re on candid camera.

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