How to Replace a Muffler Bearing

When it comes to taking care of your car, you want to execute on all avenues, making sure that no bolt is left unturned in the pursuit of maintaining every last system on your ride. Doing so might cost a little bit of money up front but I guarantee that it will save you even more down the road!
As we have come to learn, YouTuber, Chris Fix, is an authority figure when it comes to these regular maintenance items on your car and this time, he gives us the rundown on what might be one of the most important parts of your ride that you’re going to want to keep regularly serviced in the muffler bearings.
Now, as Chris points out, if you have a car with a dual exhaust and two mufflers, you might even have as many as two bearings but fear not because with this helpful DIY and a couple of materials such as a jar of high heat elbow grease, even a beginner could tackle this job right in their own driveway.
Check out the video below that shows off the entire process from start to finish as Chris takes to his Ford Mustang to give us a rundown on how all of this is done. You’re not going to get this kind of detailed instruction on replacing your muffler bearings anywhere else so PAY CLOSE ATTENTION because this is really some useless info!