Road Rage: Food Delivery Cyclist vs Some Guy Who Apparently Cut Him Off

We’ve said it before and stand by it: as long as nobody gets hurt, it’s hard to beat a good road rage video! This one is certainly more on the funny side than shocking, though seeing grown adults acting like this will never not be shocking.
Don’t get me wrong, I’d never pretend like I don’t have my moments of rage behind the wheel, but usually a few seconds of cool-down time and I’m able to go on about my day. Some people apparently just can’t let things go and have to act out in the most outlandish ways, and we aren’t really mad about it as long as there’s a camera there to capture the hilarity. With everybody having a pretty decent video camera in their pocket these days, there aren’t too many incidents like this that don’t get recorded, and uploaded. And shared. Because that’s what we do these days.
This video opens seemingly just moments after the driver of this silver car has cut off the biker seen beside the car on the sidewalk. It looks like the cyclist and the driver of the vehicle are exchanging words when the driver attempts to leave after the bike rider takes a swing at the car. However, the car stops smack in the middle of the intersection, presumably to exchange a few more choice words, only to have the biker use his front wheel to batter the door of the car. Wanting no more damage to his car, the driver speeds off, but that doesn’t end the incident.
Instead, an onlooker, obviously displeased with the cyclist damaging the car, decides to try to keep the rider from fleeing. My best guess would be the onlooker planned to hold him there until the police arrived, but it’s hard to say for sure exactly what his plan was at this point.
The bystander and the biker struggle to take control of the bike, eventually boring the onlooker who was videoing, as they walk off and leave the situation alone.