RV 10 Plane Running Perfectly With A Corvette LS1 Engine & Geared Drives!


When you ask a lot of pilots what they mean by “performance” they often mean speed. The RV 10 plane sure does not disappoint when it comes to being fast. It can fly over 200 miles per hour! This aircraft is designed to carry four people, but when it comes to its capacity it is more than just an airplane with four seats. It can accommodate 4 FAA standard people, full fuel tank and 60 pounds of luggage. When it comes to being comfortable, the RV 10 plane won`t disappoint also. The interior provides a truly comfortable legroom and headroom. However, the story doesn`t end here because we have something truly special for you. This particular RV 10 plane is custom made with an LS1 Corvette engine!

The LS1 engine was applied into the RV 10 plane by Bud Warren and the RV 10 plane is owned by Bill Gipson. We can see how smoothly it runs at any RPM. No gear noise can be heard, just the pure sound of a Corvette engine.

But we are sure this is not as simple as just applying a Corvette engine into the airplane and it is ready to fly. Engines in planes are subject to a totally dissimilar loading than car engines. A car engine can probably make 400HP and endure for 1000s of miles. This is because most of the time it`s producing very low HP. As for airplane engines, they are expected to run a lot harder. In an airplane engine there is a much larger output that corresponds at higher RPM, something like 3000 RPM or even more.

Generally, as we can see in this video, applying a car engine in a plane application works! However, in order to work, you need to build the engine from the ground exclusively for a plane application. Ultimately, if something unusual happens, you can`t just pull over in an airplane.

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