Selfie Stick FAIL – Distracted Driving Causes Off-Road Crash

No-go with the GoPro, bro.

Ugh, selfies. What was once just a normal picture of yourself and/or others has become the go-to term used by everybody taking a picture of themselves today. Frankly, we’re all too busy worrying about social media, our phones, and pictures of ourselves that we’re oblivious to the outside world (hold on, one sec, I’m going to tweet that).

While going gator hunting, this Jeep Wrangler driver decided it would be a good time to film himself driving behind his buddy’s truck next to the swamp. The GoPro attached to the selfie stick proved to be too much for the driver to handle as he drove into the back of the truck and smashed the canoe.

Even in the swamps, selfies are not good ideas.