A simple drive turned dangerous Car Cuts Off Semi


Driving isn’t really all that tough of a task. Sure, people slip up to make mistakes here and there but if you pay attention to the road and try your hardest, it shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid disaster.

Apparently, the driver behind the wheel of this car wasn’t paying too close of attention or simply didn’t care as this maneuver that they made out on a public highway caused two to semi trucks to nearly crash in an ugly wreck.

This time, we tune into the dashcam of a truck driver who is having what is otherwise a normal day before the car in question cuts him off and immediately hops off of the highway via a nearby exit ramp. Meanwhile, this truck driver is left to slam on the brakes, skating across the highway and nearly ramming into another truck that is forced to take his load to the dirt to avoid catastrophe.

Check out the video below that shows us the entire incident. The fact that the driver who caused the whole thing simply hopped off of the exit ramp after really boils our blood. Hopefully, the driver in question stopped to make sure that everything was alright.