SpiderMan-Like Reflex Saves Biker From Incoming Truck

As if crashing your motorcycle because of a dog crossing the road wasn’t bad enough, watching a fellow biker barely get out of the way of a truck is probably even scarier than it looks.

The order in which the events take place is simple really, as is figuring out if there’s any point to passing any blame. Yes, in a way, it’s the dog’s fault, even though you can’t morally guilt the animal for crossing the road when it did, but you can blame the owner if there is one and the dog wasn’t a stray.Second, once the impact took place and the initial biker went down, another one lost control under braking and skidded across the road and into incoming traffic, nearly ending up on the 1st lane. Can he be blamed?

Through some miracle, he managed to get his body to react and jump out of the way while he was still technically falling – leave it to adrenaline to get you out of such sticky situations. It’s quite possible that the truck might have missed him anyway, though the biker couldn’t have known that at the time, especially since he probably only saw it out of the corner of his eye while he was still on his behind.

The truck driver was certainly not at fault and he may have done all he could at that time – you can see the smoke coming from those tires as he attempts to slow down.

Overall, this crash was just one of those things that can happen. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, though both luck as well as good reflexes and a strong survival instinct will always play a role when it comes to escaping what looks like a Final Destination-type of accident.

Make sure to watch both videos as they show the incident from two completely different angles/helmet cams.

Warning: some viewers may find the following scenes disturbing