STOCKHOLM OPEN – The World’s Most INSANE Street Race!

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Welcome to Sweden, home of the infamous Stockholm Open you’ve seen for many years on KungKimmoMedia’s YouTube channel. For year and years, 1320Video has been teased by the boys across the pond with their insane race series that feature the most badass cars from all around Sweden. One night in the Fall, the busy streets of Stockholm turn into the raceway for the Stockholm Open as big block V8 Volvos, crazy turbo Audis, and everything in between gather to determine who will be crowned champion at the end of the night! The Suicide Evo  was our taxi from race to race in this insane, fast-paced series. Sliding around corners and zooming through city streets, this was how we made our way from spot to spot! The high energy and intense fight to meet the race deadline was nothing short of a huge adrenaline rush!

Sit down, shut up, and get ready to witness the most BADASS race on a street surface you’ve ever laid eyes on!

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