Supercharged Smart Sleeper Smokes Stangs


We’re big fans of the underdog. Whether it’s an STI passing a legacy sports car on the curves, or a Conquest TSI ripping past today’s modern muscle on the straights, watching the little guy take it to automotive royalty is just the best. So when this badass Smart video surfaced we were giddy as schoolgirls.

I first laid eyes on this microcar nearly a decade ago in Greece. I promptly ridiculed it and its special snowflake perpendicular parking job—as I’m sure you did too. That’s probably what the Mustang drivers did in this video while mentally chalking up another track kill. See that cobra emblem on the gray GT500? And see those bicycle tires on the Smart in the other lane? That, my friends, is the definition of a mismatch.
That is, until the supercharged Smart hooks hard, tries to do a freakin’ backflip and starts walking the Stang. (Remember those Boss Hoss V-8 bikes that’d go vertical when you cranked the throttle? Kinda like that, but with a passenger seat.) And all of a sudden, the snake driver’s weak launch comes into play, the Smart keeps scootin’ and Mr. Mustang starts sweating. God it’s glorious.
Later on, Mr. BLWN SMT wheelies and walks away from a yellow pony car with a 12.53 at 107 mph showing on the board. And at the end of the day, the Smart no doubt stops by Starbucks, the Mustang chooches hit the gym to mask their shame and all is right in the automotive world.

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