Tesla Model S Jump Lands On E-Class Before Crashing Into Mercedes Dealership


There are crazy accidents and then there’s this sort of thing; a Tesla Model S somehow jumped over some bushes, landed on the roof of an E-Class and then crashed on a Mercedes dealership.

This really weird accident took place at the Mercedes-Benz dealership of Hertford in the UK, when the driver of the Tesla Model S apparently lost control on a nearby roundabout and drove off the road and flew into the dealership’s premises.

We still don’t know what caused the crash, with some commenters under the video saying that the driver was drunk. Another commenter posted the Google Maps location of the roundabout outside the dealership, giving us a clear view from there and the possible route the Tesla followed before it ended up against the building.

So far there are no injuries reported, with the only real victim being here that Mercedes E-Class with the smashed roof which looks like a definite write-off after that Tesla decided to land on it.

Update: Added tweet from local police, confirming driver was drunk