Texas Truck Driver Don’t Need No Front Wheel!!!


This driver did something that we can not have envisioned in a million years and here is a chance to see what is it. In this feature you can watch closely how this dude is driving his pickup truck on a highway without a tire and he does not mind at all.

Seeing a pickup truck driving down a Texas is not unordinary thing, but this is something different. Seeing a pickup truck driving down a highway without a tire is not as regular. Guy with YouTube channel caught a truck in Texas while he was driving not far off without his front left tire. The truck pounds the street big time as he proceeds to his destination, and flashes flying all over as he cruises by.

It is reasonable to accept that the harm done to this pickup truck would cost more than simply calling a tow truck to drive his vehicle to the shop. Clearly, he probably had some place really essential to get to and he would not mind to lost his tire because of this. It would seem that it was just the rotor delaying in the first place, leaving a gouge in the street for couple of miles.

Perhaps he feels that he plays GTA on his computer, who knows? Watch this feature to see for yourself how this guy was driving his truck with no tire and how he put his life in danger. As opposed to have a completely working pickup truck, this dude was driving his Ford Ranger with no assistance from a side wheel. Look at this feature while Ford Ranger’s driver just cruising like nothing is even off the base!