Traffic Rage Is Big In This Pissed Off Cummins Truck Driver! Do Not Brake Check Him!


So, what do we have here today? There is this guy with a Cummins, pissed off by some things which are not things that should bent you out of shape so easily. We have to admit it to him that he had a pretty bad day. Fought with his mom, fought with his girlfriend… However, that`s not the reason to start spreading traffic rage all around! But this guy is a weak character. Anyway, he describes why he is in such mood. In the meantime, another vehicle shows up in front of his truck and politely brake checks him. But our little rascal didn`t get the message and started hitting the other vehicle.
And it would probably be OK if it happened once. But this guy repeatedly hit the other vehicle as his parts started to fly! We think that the other vehicle`s rear bumper is history. And so is the driver`s health. Bet he had been frightened to death when the truck driver started hitting him! It`s a little suspicious why his friends made a video of this and released it on YouTube, but who cares anyway.

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