Wanna Be Cool? Stay In School! THE HOT ROD SCHOOL BUS Will Make You Want To Relive Your School Days!


A 72-year-old from Virginia has come up with a novel way to encourage children to attend school – by creating a bright yellow hot-rod school bus.

Jerry Bowers came up with the idea to promote education and the coach carries the message ‘wanna be cool, stay in school’ on one side.

He said: ‘Since the bus was first taken into the community, it has generated tremendous excitement.’

Recalling how the idea came about, he said: ‘We were sitting around one night at a car show and were talking about chopping a school bus.

‘Nobody had really chopped or lowered a bus and I thought it would be really cool.’

The bus combines the body of a 1949 Ford bus with the frame of a Cadillac Eldorado. Mr Bowers also had to create a door from scratch.

It took Mr Bowers five years to create the custom low-rider – called the Shortcut High Bus – and he has been driving it across the US and Canada for the past 15 years.

Along with wife Brenda, he drives the yellow bus to charity functions, car shows and schools.

He said: ‘We’ve been with several charities helping kids and collecting school supplies for kids in Iraq and Afghanistan.

‘We’re trying to promote youth staying in school and becoming entrepreneurs.’

He added: ‘Once you see it you never forget it. We get a lot of cars beeping at us, a lot of cameras – we’ve caused quite a few traffic jams.’