Watch This Big Block, Doug Nash 5-Speed Equipped, 1955 Chevy Run 9s And Carry The Left Front Down The Strip In Alaska


When one builds a 1955 Chevy drag car, powers it with a high strung 489ci BBC, backs the motor with a Doug Nash five speed manual transmission, Bangshifts his way to nine second elapsed times, carries the left front wheel nearly the whole length of the strip, and does it at the most picturesque drag strip in the known universe, the video bears sharing. Literally everything about this is awesome. From the editing, which is well done and doesn’t leave us watching a bunch of down time, to the driver who works the shift handle like a wizard, to the left front tire that never touches the ground, this is home run stuff.

Yes, we realize that tying that left front down will make the thing quicker and all of that but let’s be honest, seeing it torque over and hike that tire into the air is absolutely worth it and you know it is an E-ticket ride inside the car. The driver’s name is Scott Granus and you’ll watch him crank this shoebox into the 9.50s elapsed tie range on this pass. You’ll see him do it from outside the car and you will see him do it from a camera mounted on the roof of the car. The sound of the high winding 489 is perfection and the fact you can hear him fan the clutch and rip the shift lever without lifting makes this one entertaining Chevy to watch on the strip. Fo sho!