Watch This Giant Dump Truck Fart Out An Actual Fireball

Having with a flat tire is the breeze these days, and catastrophic detonation is almost non-existent. But when you are dealing with heavy machinery, the problems get amplified.
According to this video description, the car in the video below is the Belaz 75710, the biggest dump truck in the world. It is used for mining, we have no idea what it is doing on the road. But this is Siberia, where anything goes.
This shaky dashcam video shows how the vehicle stops, starts belching smoke and, moments later, and the left rear tire explodes with the force of the howitzer.
It is difficult to explain why the tire exploded like that. Bot our best guess is that a top of the vehicle touch the power line at the railway crossing and this sent current through the tire that was touching the metal track.
Maybe it is filled with nitrogen or covered with something flammable because compressed air doesn’t make flames like that.
This is the very expensive industrial accident because the tire this size can cost around $40,000. You need the lot of rubber to support 100 tons per tire, well, about as much as would go into 600 regular tires, plus enough steel to make the chassis for two vehicles.
Of course, that’s if the description of the video is correct. Raw Leaks usually post accurate stuff, but we have trouble believing that the world’s biggest dump truck can pass under a train line and or that it would fit down a regular road.
To tackle the rising cost of resources state-owned company Belaz in the former Soviet Republic of Belarus made the 75710 about three years ago.
It drinks about 1.3 tons of fuel per 100 kilometers, cost about $6 million to make and can run on only one of its two engines for efficiency. However, we know that Belaz made lighter 250 and 350-ton dumpers, which is what we might have here.