Wow! This ’61 Chevy Impala Is Probably The Prettiest Wagon That Exists

Here’s an ultimate stunner that’s not only a show car but a daily driver too. It’s the 1961 Chevrolet Impala and it’s one of the nicest Wagon in the planet that got everyone talking during the 2016 Detroit Autorama.

You’ll be nothing but impressed with the creativity and details this Impala has to offer. It’s looking super clean and classy in white with several accents in tan. Extensive tasteful mods lie strikingly in its body. The front is lengthened and sports a custom bumper with some Camaro feel in it. It has nice door handles, gorgeous side trim, and eye-catching wheels. The rear bumper and taillights are custom too to match the styling of the front.

The inside of this Wagon is as stunning as the outside. Everything is color matched with the tan accents on the exterior. Several chrome going around to set things off and that gauge at the center is cool too. Well, want an ambiance that blends the contemporary and 60’s styling? This is it!

I was not lying when I said this is a daily driver as well. And that’s backed by the fuel injected 409 engine with manual transmission fitted nicely in an engine bay that’s as clean as a whistle.

Check it out too through the video below.